About Global Bridge Group

Global Bridge Group has been performing as a professional supplier in Promotional Products for more than a quarter-century. We handle different product lines with our two different sales departments in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and our Shenzhen office helps QC and sourcing. We are capable of serving your needs with our professional sales and product teams with a lot of experience in this field. As a promotional products supplier, we are focused on custom made items that we produce in our production facilities in China. This enables us to print your promotional products in full colour all over the items for low prices and low minimum order quantities.

We have a big range of promotional products that are suitable for each type of demand and any time of the year. Among our most popular items are webcam covers, magic cubes, beach balls and since the covid-19 pandemic mouth masks with imprinted logo. Are you looking for a great way to increase brand recognition? As a promotional products supplier we can easily help you to achieve this. We have served many brands such as T-mobile. L’Oreal, Nivea, Dreamworks, Danone, Unilever, HTC, Bratz, JohnnieWalker, Nestle, BBVA and so on.

Our own production facilities make us the go-to supplier for custom made promotional items. We can produce in your own PMS colours and provide a full-colour imprint all over the items. Whatever your needs are we are sure to be able to help you further. We can ship the promotional products either by sea or air. Shipping by boat is usually cheaper but takes longer. If you need your items fast then shipping by air is a good solution. This can reduce the delivery time by weeks. Very useful if you are preparing for a promotional campaign and need the promotional products before a certain date.

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