Catto shower timer

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Catto shower timer
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  • Catto shower timer - Red
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  • Catto shower timer - Royal blue
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Product information

The Catto shower timer is an innovative solution for saving water and energy. With a 3.5-4 minute sand timer, it helps you keep track of your shower time and reduce excessive water usage. The timer features a suction cup that allows for easy attachment to smooth surfaces such as tiles, making it accessible and convenient to use. Start the timer when you begin your shower and let the sand countdown until it runs out, reminding you to wrap up your shower. With its compact design, the Catto shower timer is the perfect addition to your bathroom routine and helps you save resources while promoting eco-conscious habits.


Item number 12620221
EAN code 8713159592174
Weight 11 g
Material ABS Plastic, Glass
Color Red
Height 6 cm
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