Arb champagne stopper

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Arb champagne stopper
  • Arb champagne stopper - Solid black
  • Arb champagne stopper - Solid black
  • Arb champagne stopper - Solid black
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Product information

The Arb champagne stopper has excellent airtightness which preserves freshness by minimizing champagne oxidation. With the rotary button design for lock and unlock, it ensures that the bottles remains sealed to preserve the contents. Whenever you want to pour another glass of champagne, you just need to rotate it again. Great for using at home, at hotels, clubs, and bars. This champagne stopper preserves the contents just like the original cork, making this a must-have for any champagne enthusiast.


Item number 11328590
EAN code 8713159566052
Weight 20 g
Material ABS Plastic
Color Solid black
Height 3.2 cm
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